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Windmill Cat Toy attracting your cat to play and bite


Windmill Cat Toy

Windmill Cat Toy

About this item

  • This Windmill Cat Toy is made of safe and soft material. With a hair and face rubbing device in the middle,  it is a self-grooming tool and it will help comfort your cat while playing.
  • The Windmill Cat Toy can rotate when being touch, attracting your cat to play and bite. This will hep reduce the cat’s anxiety and increase IQ.
  • There are two catnip balls and tow small bells that you can put one on each side to add attention and fun for the cat.
  • With suction cup design, you can stick the suction cup to any flat smooth surface like tile, glass, windows, tubs, coated wood, or plastic to watch your cat play with it.
  • Two colors are for the Windmill Cat Toy available, blue and green, if any problem about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will solve it for you within 24 hours, thank you.
  • Pets always need companionship, but you may not be free every day. Then a windmill cat toy can replace you, interact with your cat, you can try to put some cat favorite snacks into the bins to make it more attractive
  • This Suction Cup Windmill Cat Toy toy could encourage the reaction of cats to play and movement, especially for indoor activities, it can reduce stress or anxiety, keep your kitty a good mood

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