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USB Air Cooler Fan brings you sweet dreams in night


USB Air Cooler Fan

USB Air Cooler Fan

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  • Greatly Save Bills: Selecting air conditioner that packs tons of power might only lead to a greater electricity consumption than is necessary to cool your space. Therefore, this budget-friendly personal evaporative USB Air Cooler Fan will do the trick. It cools down your space with a low consumption (10Watts) , saving at least 75% electricity in this hot summer.
  •  Stays Cooling In Outdoors: Time Seeking out a pack-to-go cooling fan? The featured rechargeable 2000mAh battery can offers you a real extra-long cooling time experience up to 5 hours after each full charging. Only weighs 0.97lbs, which is about the weight of 2 oranges, you can take this portable USB Air Cooler Fan in bag to anytime anywhere : picnic, fishing, golf course, dorm, garage, etc.
  • Ultra-Quiet Personal AC Solution In Desk: This office USB Air Cooler Fan not only breezes cooling air, but with the right amount of white noise only at 40dB while functioning. Just feel free to take this small USB Air Cooler Fan into workshop or put it next to you on your porch—places where an air conditioner wouldn't work. Also can brings you a sweet dream in night.
  • 3 Speeds for Your Customized Breeze: You definitely don't want to get annoying while resting or working. This evaporative USB Air Cooler Fan creates your personal space with both humidified and cool air. And 3 wind speed-adjusting settings (Low-Med-High) for your comfort and convenience.And the air outlet can also be tilted up and down by 18° to provide optimal airflow in different directions. You will be impressed with what it can do!
  • Space Saving: Are you feeling sultry in your living room? Transport this mini swamp USB Air Cooler Fan which only sized in 5.9*3.66*7.48in for a relaxed TV session, or you can have a relieving afternoon nap in your bedroom. Compact to be removable and stored in your desk, shelf, nightstand, etc. Go for it!

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