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Smart Sensor Trash Can with simple and elegant design


Smart Sensor Trash Can 

Smart Sensor Trash Can

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Smart Sensor Trash Can

  • ✔SLIM DESIGN FOR NARROW SPACE: 13inch x 13inch X 6.8inch.UHdod touchless Smart Sensor Trash Can  holds up to 12Liter/3.2Gallon of garbage.Narrow trash cans are perfect for small spaces in bathrooms.You will get 1* trash can ,15 count garbage bag , 2*perfume flavor tablets(no batteries).
  • ✔TOUCHLESS TRASH CAN: Our motion sensor Smart Sensor Trash Can uses advanced automatic sensing technology, you can free your hand, just the motion of your hand opens the garbage can lid automatically, It will close automatically.Small bathroom Smart Sensor Trash Can with lid are perfect for narrow spaces in the bathroom.

    Smart Sensor Trash Can
  • ✔EASY TO CLEAN & ISOLATED SMELL: Smart Sensor Trash Can  with lid has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. If you don't want the whole house to smell like you don't like, this trash can with lid comes with 2 perfume flavor tablets to prevent the smell escape from the trash can. It’s the hygienic and convenient choice.
  • ✔APPLICATION & QUALITY ASSURANCE: Automatic Smart Sensor Trash Can applying to bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, office etc. Automatic trash can are a great gift for your family and yourself. With simple and elegant appearance, this garbage bin with lid is good for keeping your home clean.

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