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Pet hair remover comb is suitable for cleaning sofa


Pet hair remover comb

Pet hair remover comb

About this item

  • Made of high quality environmentally friendly ABS plastic, the handle is ergonomically designed, soft and comfortable to use. The reusable rubber suction cups for wool can be used for many years to protect the environment when caring for pets.
  • Has a collection tank that seals the collected pet hair tightly in a collection tank that is very easy to clean. Simply open the tray at the bottom to empty the pet's hair into the trash can. You don't have to worry about the fur falling to the ground.
  • MATERIAL:ABS + Rubber,This kind of material will not fall easily on the ground and can be used for a long time.Can be used on pets with long and short hairs such as cats or dogs.
  • EASY COMBING:This fur remover will make grooming your pets easier than ever before. The effortless grooming system allows owners to comfortably groom their pets without the use of painful wire bristles.
  • TWO FUNCTIONS:The gentle suction removes shedding while providing a relaxing massage and the attached canister provides an easy clean up.Simply open, turn on and eject hair without the mess.
  • NO HARM:It can help you easily sucked off pet hair. When sucked off to pet hair, it will not hurt your lovely pet, and can be sucked pet hair on clothes, let you no longer afraid to wear dark trousers, can also be easily and quickly sucked hair and dust on the ground.
  • NO SPACE:small size, can be placed in a drawer or storage box when not in use, will not occupy your space.

  • Pet hair remover comb
  • Can be used not only for grooming animals, it is also suitable for cleaning bed linen, sofa and car seat, clothing and furniture with the attached cloth hair removal attachment. With strong suction, Pet Hair Removal picks up pet hair easily. It can be moved wirelessly, carried and easily stored.
  • Take care of your pet's coat with Pet Hair Removal. Regular pet hair care helps to keep pets healthy. Animal hair will remain beautiful, soft and shiny.

    Pet hair remover comb
  • Acts as a relaxing tool. The soft rubber suction cup can massage your pets and make them happy and relaxed.

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