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Pet Dog Carrier Bag the easy way to transport your pets


Pet Dog Carrier Bag

Pet dog carrier bag


About this item

The greatest benefit of these carriers is that when my pet is close to me, she feels me close and remains calm, safe. I don't need to use any dog leashes, collars, or anything else when I have her right there. On top of that, I can be certain my dog won't run away or do anything crazy.

  • 🐶Medium Size: Recommended for 6.6LB < Small Dog & Cat < This Pet Dog Carrier Bag is designed for carrying small dogs/cats. Please do measure your pets and determine the correct size according to the size chart (Pic. 2).


Pet Dog Carrier Bag

  • 🐶Multifunctional Pockets and Waterproof design: There are an invisible side pocket and a capacious front pocket of the Pet Dog Carrier Bag, which can carry dog food, mobile phone, wallet, etc. The internal waterproof design of the pet sling backpack bag makes us feel caring and convenient.
  • 🐶Breathable & Comfortable : This Pet Dog Carrier Bag contains two adjustable shoulder straps, so we can wear the hands-free backpack for dogs and cats on our front or backside. With thickened padded foam in the back and straps, the dog hiking back pack can remarkably relieve the burden of our shoulder. The front of the backpack is made with newly upgraded mesh fabric, which is breathable and comfortable.

    Pet Dog Carrier Bag

  • 🐶Considerate Safe and Durable Design : This Pet Dog Carrier Bag is coupled with the zippers and snap buttons on both sides, and self-fastening by the elastic band, provides double protection to prevent pets from accidentally jumping out of the backpack. Legs-out and tail-out design keep pet safe and comfortable.

    Pet Dog Carrier Bag
  • 🐶Two Ways of Wearing: A hands-free pet dog cat carrier can be worn on your front side or backside. The Pet Dog Carrier Bag keeps we closer and increases pet's sense of security when we carry our cat or dog around. We can carry our pets for hiking, walking, biking, camping traveling.

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