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Oil Air Humidifier which will not affect your sleep


Oil Air Humidifier

Oil Air Humidifier

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Oil Air Humidifier

  • 2000ML Large Capacity: The Oil Air Humidifier with 2L large water tank that keeps the room humidifier working over 20 hours on a single fill, You don’t need to add water to humidifier multiple times! Change the water once a day can reduce the growth of impurity and maintain health.
  • 2022 NEW Double Cool Mist Spray Oil Air Humidifier This cool mist Oil Air Humidifier has two modes: continuous mode and intermittent mode. It can operate up to 20 hours with dual-mist continuous spray mode, and up to 30 hours with one-mist intermittent mode. You can choose the appropriate spraying mode according to your environment and space.

    Oil Air Humidifier
  • Quiet Ultrasonic Oil Air Humidifier: This baby humidifier operate at low than 32dB almost silent frequency, which will not affect your work and sleep. 7-colorful soft night light could create a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere, improve your sleep quality!
  • Kind Reminder①: Please soak the cotton swab for 3-5 minutes until it is fully soaked before using. ② Please do NOT add essential oils or distilled water into the humidifier, which will cause the cotton swab to clog and unusable. ③ Please do NOT loss the spring when replacing the cotton swab

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