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Massage Gun LCD Display used on back, neck and shoulder


Massage gun LCD display

Massage gun LCD display

About this item

  • Deep tissue Massage gun LCD display : This Massage gun LCD display has an amplitude of up to 10 mm, which can quickly release pressure through the skin surface into the body's muscle tissue. The 30W high-power motor has a strong torsion force, bringing you a deeper massage.
  • Smart & long battery life: The Massage gun LCD display is equipped with a 1800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can work continuously for about 3 hours. The built-in intelligent compression feedback system allows each stroke and massage to accurately reach the sore area.

    Massage gun LCD display
  • 8 massage heads & 32 speed levels: 8 massage heads from Massage gun LCD display of different shapes can be used on the back, neck, shoulders, arms. 32 adjustable speed modes help relieve muscle soreness. A variety of options make your massage more comfortable.
  • Easy to use: The triangle-designed Massage gun LCD display is light in weight, ergonomically designed, and easy to hold and use. The handle is equipped with an LCD gear display screen. You can enjoy a comfortable massage anytime and anywhere when you are outdoors and exercising.
  • Widely used: a daily portable cordless Massage gun LCD display. Its lightweight design is suitable for athletes, sedentary office workers and the elderly. It can give you deep relaxation and health.

    Product Description

    Massage gun LCD display

    Massage gun LCD display


    Massage Gun LCD Display

    Massage gun LCD display

    Massage gun LCD display

    Long-term battery life

    Using 1800 mAh lithium battery, the muscle activation mode state in low gear can maintain long-term battery life and provide stable power. A full charge can last about 3 hours.

    AI chip design

    The built-in pressure feedback system can automatically adjust the motor speed and output power according to the pressure of the massage, so that the massage is more accurate, and at the same time, it can avoid muscle damage caused by excessive pressure.

    High torque motor

    Using a powerful high-torque motor, the maximum speed can reach 3200rpm, the vibration amplitude is 6-10mm, which can help you relax tight muscles and relieve hard-to-reach muscle groups.

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