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Massage Gun Handheld Electric Easy and convenient to use


Massage Gun Handheld Electric

Massage Gun, Handheld Electric

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  • DEEP MUSCLE THERAPY PERCUSSION MASSAGE GUN- AMFit multipurpose deep tissue massage gun with advanced percussion technology can provide instant pain relief for sore muscles all throughout the body. This powerful pulsating Massage Gun, Handheld Electric is unlike anything you've ever felt and can be used to improve mobility & flexibility, increase blood flow, reduce lactic acid buildup & remove trigger point & knots, especially in the neck, back & legs.

    Massage Gun, Handheld Electric
  • 6 MASSAGE HEADS & 20 ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS - Includes six attachment heads to relax the different muscle groups while relieving tension and providing myofascial release. 20 speed LCD digital touch screen display lets you adjust the pulse and vibration intensity from 1200-3200 RPM for your personal recovery needs. Perfect for sports athletes, men & women, therapists, chiropractic, or just a self therapy message.
  • NEW POWERFUL & QUIET TECHNOLOGY - Engineered for high torque vibrating performance with quiet glide technology. The strong brushless motor delivers rapid percussive impact pressure while remaining silent with noise levels as low as 10dB so you can stress less and relax more. Our professional back massager has better heat dissipation so it can operate at full power for longer periods of time.

    Massage Gun, Handheld Electric
  • 2500MAH FAST CHARGING & LONG BATTERY LIFE - Our cordless handheld messager guns are equipped with a 24V 2500mAh removable & rechargeable battery that provides enough electrical power for 6 hours of massaging use. 1-2 hour fast charging time utilizing the electric adapter. Lightweight only 2.1 lbs makes this Massage Gun, Handheld Electric ergonomic and easy to handle. Includes portable case perfect for the gym or travel.


    Massage Gun, Handheld Electric

    Everyone from professional athletes to recreational gym-goers to those with chronic pain trust AMFit and our powerful massage gun to deliver an unrivaled experience. AMFit's new percussion technology accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fibers by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the muscle tissues of the body. Percussion massage therapy with our Massage Gun, Handheld Electric can also improve mobility and flexibility, increase blood flow, reduce lactic acid buildup, and release painful trigger point and knots especially in the neck, back and legs.

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