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Lobster Cat Toy attracts your kitty to attack. Used for all pets


Lobster Cat Toy 

Lobster Cat Toy

About this item

  • FUNNY CAT TOY: Durable Lobster Cat Toy, It wiggles and shakes and knocks when be touched, the cat toy stimulates the cat's natural hunting ability and attracts your kitty to attack, kick, biting it. So much fun watching the cat play with kitty toys! Recommend these cat toys for indoor cats for people who have pet cats
  • RECHARGEABLE CAT TOY: The Lobster Cat Toy are rechargeable, charge the electronic cat toys via USB port, When charging, the indicator light of the mechanism is red, when fully charged, the indicator light is green. (When the lobster cat toy is used for the first time, the battery has some power and it does not take long to be fully charged). The flopping fish Lobster Cat Toy comes with a charger cable. which can connect to a laptop, power bank, or charger adapter. Saves money.
  • UPGRADED MECHANISM: The latest upgraded motor, 300mAh capacity battery. Built-in touch sensor, intelligent standby, Only if you or pet pat the interactive Lobster Cat Toy can it be swing. When there is no interference from external forces, the lobster will remain quiet like a plush toy.
  • CATNIP TOYS FOR INDOOR CATS: Every Lobster Cat Toy comes with a catnip pack, toys for cats give off a scent that excites the cat, this is going to drive your cat crazy! make the cat run and jump, benefit the cat's health. This cat chew toy keeps your cat busy when you’re away.
  • SAFT TOY FOR PETS AND KIDS: the flopping fish Lobster Cat Toy  is that it is constructed with animal safety in mind. There are no small parts to pose a choking hazard for cats and humans. The kitten toys just as much fun for the animals as it is for the kids. The kitten teething toys are large and soft so it’s fine for pets and kids to play with.

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