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Fluffy Calming pet Bed helps your pet to sleep soundly


Fluffy Calming pet Bed

Fluffy Calming pet Bed

About this item

  • Promotes Better Sleep - The round shape and deep crevices of our Fluffy Calming pet Bed allow your pet to burrow, while the raised rim provides better head and neck support and security helps your pet to sleep soundly, less growling in his sleep.
  • Soft to the Touch - Ultra-cozy faux fur exterior, that mimics that of their mother's and stuffed with premium PP cotton makes it breathable and comfort enough to supports your pet like a hug!

    Fluffy Calming pet Bed
  • Waterproof Bottom Non-Slip Design - Worry less about the bed slipping away from the floor! Our accurate design technology has allowed it to have a non slip design so your fur babies can enjoy a goodnight sleep! The waterproof bottom also protects the donut bed from any accident liquids on the ground.
  • Machine Washable - Wash and dryer friendly to clean pet odors and excess hair quickly and easily. Please pat to make the dog bed completely fluffy before use.
  • Available in three sizes - 23.6"/30"/34"round pet bed is perfect for small, medium and large dogs/cats of any age no more than 25/40/55pounds.

    Fluffy Calming pet Bed


  • PROFESSIONAL & UNIQUE ELEMENT: Raised rim design provides their neck and head support, creates a sense of security, allowing pets to enter deep sleep. Help your pets improved behavior and better health. Non-Slip & Dirt-Resistant Bottom suitable for living room, family room and anywhere. High Quality Fiber Filler keep the pet bed warm and comfortable. Delicate edge, firm and durable, avoid your puppy digging into the stuffings
  • 🐶FLUFFY CALMING PET BED FRIENDLY DESIGN: High quality soft faux fur surface material feels like mommy's fur, provide a warmth and safety, comfortable quality sleeping environment for pets. It helps them to calm down faster, ease anxiety, and sleep well
  • 🐶MULTIPLE SIZES & COLORS:L(24x18”) Fluffy Calming pet Bed up to 25lbs, XL(32x24”)donut bed for pets up to 35lbs, XXL(36x28”)Plush bed for pets up to 55lbs, XXXL(44x34”)Round bed for pets up to 100lbs. You can choose Black, Brown, Grey, Beige, Pink, White and Khaki colors. Donut Cuddler Dog Bed Suitable for jumbo,large, medium and small dogs or cats. Please select the most suitable pet bed according to the size chart and the actual size of the pet.
  • 🐶WASHABLE DONUT BED:This donut cuddler Fluffy Calming pet Bed no zippers to fuss with, just throw whole bed in the machine and tumble dry. clean pet hair convenience and quickly, saves your time to create a comfortable and clean sleeping environment. but we usually recommend hand washing to easy care for the plush dog bed.

    Fluffy Calming pet Bed
  • 🐶【WARM TIPS & SERVICE】:This round Fluffy Calming pet Bed is best gift for dogs/cats who love to curl up. Dog bed is stored and shipped compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed in a vacuum bag. please wait for 48 hours patiently and manually adjust the dog bed to the desired shape. We are always committed to do more professional dog bed to provide you the most satisfactory shopping experience. Please contact us if you have any problem

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