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Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat with soft luxury faux fur material


Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat

Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat

About this item

  • CALMING & BACK SUPPORT: Our Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat is filled with plenty of high-quality polyester fiber, which is warm and breathable. The comfortable touch makes your dog calm and reduce anxiety. Thick dog crate pad design keeps our four-legged friends away from the ground, effectively protecting joints and supporting back well. It is an ideal dog crate mat for pets to stretch, roll, entertain and rest
  • VERSATILE DOG CRATE BED: The Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat can be used in many occasions. Not only for flat surfaces such as floors, standard dog crates, pet houses, but also can use as a dog travel beds to help your dogs enjoy a comfortable journey. Placing this dog crate pad on a raised dog bed will help your furry friends have a great winter time, too
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOM: The calming Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat for crate are equipped with washable, easy care and non-slip bottoms, so when the furry children run to it excitedly, they will not move easily, which is stable and safe. Suitable for most sizes of standard dog crates, hardwood floors or sofas

    Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat
  • EASY CARE: This Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat is absolutely machine washable, we usually recommend hand washing, air dry. The line reinforcement design of the dog crate mat prevents it from getting knotted after washing and also makes it last a long time use. Regular cleaning can provide a healthier sleeping environment for your lovely friends
  • 4 OPTIONAL SIZES: The 24 x 18 inch small dog crate bed for small dogs up to 15 lbs. The 30 x 24 inch medium Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat for medium dogs up to 25 lbs. The 36 x 28 inch large dog crate bed for large dogs up to 65 lbs. The 42 x 32 inch extra large dog crate bed for large dogs up to 100 lbs. Note: After opening the package, please shake and leave it for 48 hours to restore its fluffy state

    Dog Crate Bed Pad Mat

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