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Dog Bone Chewing Toy gives your dog to focus attention


Dog Bone Chewing Toy

Dog Bone Chewing Toy

About this item

  • RELIEVES STRESS & ANXIETY: High energy dogs will chew to relieve stress, even if it means turning on your home decor. That's why we recommend this Dog Bone Chewing Toy to help lessen anxiety and give your dog something to focus their attention to.

    Dog Bone Chewing Toy
  • PROMOTES ORAL HEALTH: Chewing on this Dog Bone Chewing Toy will not only help keep your pet dog's teeth and gums clean but will also fend off bad breath.
  • SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO BONES: Bones can be harmful to your dogs. Bones can cause wide range of serious health issues, from broken teeth and choking to digestive problems and blockages. That's why we recommend this Dog Bone Chewing Toy for your dog to satisfy your dog's desire to munch.
  • RELIEVES BOREDOM: Just like humans, pets can also be bored. And when they do, your dogs can develop unwelcome, destructive behaviours, like ripping up carpets, gnawing on those expensive shoes, and rummaging through the trash. Giving your pet a Dog Bone Chewing Toy will keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated – and out of trouble.

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