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Car mini air compressor comes with a variety of adapters


Car mini air compressor

Car Mini Air Compressor

1、EASY TO USE: Just plug this Car Mini Air Compressor into your car cigarette lighter (12V power source) for power. Clip universal adapter over tire valve and you're ready to inflate. Compact heavy-duty housing for lightweight and portable.
2、PREMIUM QUALITY: Built-in air pressure gauge to ensure that you inflate the tire to the correct pressure requirement for your tire.
3、Convenient to carry: portable handle design, one hand can take away.
4、SAFETY: A cigarette lighter has a fuse to protect the car's electrical system.
5、SMALL&LOW NOISE: This Car Mini Air Compressor has a good customer experience, can be held in one hand, and keep low noise all over the working time.

Further Information:

Car Mini Air Compressor

  • Prow AC DC Car Mini Air Compressor - with AC (110v) and DC (12v) cables can be used at any time and in any place. It can be used in the garage in the morning without having to ignite the engine or even in the middle of a deserted street. Inflates fast with a strong 120W motor. Inflates car tires to 35 PSI in 5 minutes and under. Please note: After using the tire pump for 20 minutes straight, it is advised to leave it to cool down for at least 10 minutes.

    Car Mini Air Compressor
  • The electric Car Mini Air Compressor has a large clear analog pressure display gauge for maximum accuracy with unit conversion (PSI/Bar/KPA) that measures up to 100 PSI. The portable tire inflator is easy to use, just plug in the power plug (110V / 12), turn on the tire pump and when the tire reaches the desired pressure you turn off the car air compressor. This tire pump for automobiles comes with a compact carry-on bag for easy storage.
  • Variety of adapters for a variety of uses: The Car Mini Air Compressor comes with a variety of adapters that are suitable for the car, motor cycle and bicycle. specifically for the bicycle, there is a presta valve adapter. Note: The tire inflator is not suitable for big tires such as truck tires and large vehicles. Suitable for inflation of basket balls, footballs, sport balls, pools, golf carts etc. Note: Not designed for large volume pools and large inflatables
  • Compact and portable: This Car Mini Air Compressor comes with a carry - on - bag making it comfortable and nice for easy storage in the car which makes the car tire pump into a recommended car gadget. Please note: The AC cable is located together with the air hose in the back of the air compressor. The DC cable is located in a separate compartment on the side of the unit.

Car Mini Air Compressor

Features about Car Mini Air Compressor:
Material: ABS + metal
Power: 120W
Power cord length: 3M
Inflatable tube length: 0.86M
Air pressure flow: 35L/MIN
Inflatable interface: threaded interface
Additional features: intelligent stop, tire pressure intelligent digital display, LED lighting
Main scope of application: small cars, battery cars, motorcycles, etc.

The package contains:
Inflatable pump*1
Power cord*1
Inflatable tube*1


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