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Blackhead vacuum pore cleaner with six different functions


Blackhead vacuum pore cleaner

Blackhead vacuum pore cleaner

Product Description

Microcrystalline visual Blackhead vacuum pore cleaner is a visual product with camera connected to mobile phone APP, which can clearly see blackhead in the skin layer and clean out when in use It is a Blackhead vacuum pore cleaner that integrates skin grinding, pore cleaning, blackhead absorption, grease and other functions, Using a rod tube inlaid with artificial cobalt stone and a vacuum aspirator, the dirt in the outer skin and pores is improved, so that the pores become fine and rubby, delicate, uniform and smooth. This is a non-invasive technology, and the depth of skin abrasion is controlled by the thickness of artificial cobalt stone on the suction rod. At the same time, six probes with different shapes have six different functions, integrating various function such as skin abrasion and pore cleaning

4 steps to suck blackheads correctly

Step 1: Turn on the hot compress function and massage the face to open the pores

Step 2: Debug the hand and adjust the suction power
Step 3: Control the time, do not stay in the same place for more than 3 seconds
Step 4: Apply pore refinement essence to shrink pores.


1. Please do not use it on the skin with scars. The instrument has a certain suction power. Please do not stay in one part for too long to avoid leaving marks.
2. Some redness of the skin after treatment is normal, and it will disappear automatically after 5-10 minutes.
3. Do not wash the machine in water. Feature 1.Pixels: 1280*750 2.Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours 3.Battery Capacity; 500mAh 4.Size: 165*65*40mm 5.Power of Vacuum: ≤54 KPA

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