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Blackhead Suction Cleaner cleaning pores and removing acne


Blackhead Suction Cleaner

Blackhead Suction Cleaner

About Blackhead suction cleaner

Blackhead suction cleaner Multi-function: Blackhead suction cleaner is a beauty instrument that cleaning pores, removing acne, sucking blackheads, whitehead, acne and oil. It uses heat transfer technology with a vacuum aspirator, the effect of removing blackheads is twice that of ordinary products.

Upgrade Hot Compress Technology: The Blackhead suction cleaner supports HOT MODE can quickly heat to 45-55°C. Before using, please heat for 3-5 minutes to open the pores and use the blackhead liquid to expose the blackheads to the skin surface. After finishing, apply a freezing mask to soothe the skin.

3 Suction Level & 4 Replacement Probes: The Blackhead suction cleaner is equipped with 3 levels of suction, which is suitable for dry, oily and normal skin types to ensure that it is suitable for all skin types. There are 4 detachable probes, which can meet your different skin care needs, such as removing blackheads, Removes dirt and grease, reduce dead skin and fine lines.

Blackhead Suction Cleaner

Effective & Convenience: Pore Blackhead suction cleaner adopt ABS environmentally friendly materials, net weight 120g (easy to carry), built-in 500 mAh battery can be used for about 3 weeks on a single charge, no need to worry about changing the battery, so you can take it to travel and business trips.

Value Surprise: Comes with Blackhead suction cleaner, which is a surprise to help you remove hard-to-get blackheads etc. This easy-to-use design is loved by young people, mothers, and fathers, making this pimple vacuum the best gift choice for your relatives or friends.

Blackhead Suction Cleaner

Professional Beauty Machine

Multi-function Blackhead suction cleaner and acne extractor is a beauty instrument that combines lifting, tightening, cleaning pores, removing acne, sucking blackheads, acne and oil.


Blackhead Suction Cleaner

How to operate the Blackhead suction cleaner remover?

Press the hot switch button to start heating, the hot icon light up, it is operating.

Press the gear button to turn on the blackhead function. It has three modes, each time press the gear button, it will switch between Oily-Neutral-Dry, which can satisfy any kind of skin including sensitive ones.

The hot switch button and the gear button can be switched at will, but can not performed at the same time.

Press the gear button for the fourth time, the Blackhead suction cleaner will be turned off.

After each usage you can take off the filter sponge and wash it with water.

When using heating function, please put on the silicone sleeve to prevent the water and foreign object from entering the charging port. When charging, remove the

Blackhead Suction Cleaner

Warm Tips For The Use

Firstly, please do a test with minimal suction and use the device about 3 seconds for a small area of your skin, find most suitable and comfortable way for the use.

To ensure the best performance of our Blackhead suction cleaner, please use warm compress function on the area for about 3 minutes to fully open your pores first, to ensure it works the perfect way.

Please choose suitable head and suction force when use it.

After use, your skin will be a little red after using, the redness will disappear in 5-10 minutes, please don't worry.

Dry skin can use it once a week, oily and mixed skin can use it twice a week, please do not wash this machine with water.

We do not recommend using any Blackhead suction cleaner to suck on your nose or skin before acne has matured.

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