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Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator. Ideal for your daily training


Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator

Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator

About this item

Doctors and physical therapists have used electrical devices to treat injured or paralyzed muscles for decades. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) uses an electrical pulse to force muscles to contract. By doing this, it prevents muscle wasting and encourages blood flow to the muscles. It may also help repair damage.

More recently, Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator manufacturers have begun selling these devices to the general public. Some companies claim that their devices support weight loss or build strong ab muscles without requiring exercise. However, there is no evidence that a muscle stimulator can substantially change a person’s body.

Some of the most popular Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator are available online in our shop, with reviewers promising rapid results and significant changes in body shape.

Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator

However, many of these reviews are fake. People should be especially mindful of short reviews, reviews that make extreme claims, and reviewers who have not reviewed other products or leave five stars for every product.

Most Ab Belt EMS Abdominal Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulatorare adhesive pieces of cloth that a person sticks to their abs. Each portion of the cloth delivers an electric current to the abdominal muscles, causing contractions that a person might not even feel.

Some Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator are belts that require no adhesive and wrap around the body. These may stimulate only the abs, or they might also stimulate the back.

Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator

A few Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator offer apps to track progress, and most allow a user to adjust the intensity of muscle contractions. The Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator should not hurt, sting, or burn, and it should not cause muscle spasms.

Ideal for people who are :

1. Sports lovers

2. Fitness Enthusiasts

3. Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming

4. Post-partum new mothers

You can use this abs workout equipment for massage effect, building muscle,building fitness shape and keeping fit

Warm tips:

1.Please kindly note that wipe the 6 silicone pad with pure water or wipe the parts to be used with pure water before use, and start slowly from low to high intensity as your muscles need to adapt.

2. Please do not use this Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator in the bathroom or other places with high humidity, otherwise it may cause electric shock.

3.Please read the manual of the  Ab Belt EMS Muscle Stimulator carefully along with the package before use.

4. Please note that charging voltage is DC 5V, Do not use fast charging to charge the product, please use the original USB cable for charging

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