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Zodiac Incense Burner with a classic flower shaped lid


Zodiac Incense Burner 
Zodiac Incense Burner

About this item

  • Material: metal alloy for censer, high quality, no rust, no broken. Box containing 1x Zodiac Incense Burner . Perfect Gift & Beautiful Home Decor
  • Size: maximum diameter 7.1 cm, opening diameter 6 cm (thus compatible with an incense cone diameter of less than 6 cm), height 6 cm, diameter of the base 6.2 cm, weight approximately 150 g
  • Style: classic, classical Chinese Zodiac Incense Burner with a classic flower shaped lid, neat finish, flower pattern symbolizing good mood, brings you back to ancient China .It can be a great decorative art piece, an incense burner for religion or meditation purpose, or be used as a bowl to burn rosin and incense powder
  • Beautiful Zodiac Incense Burner, close the lid, it releases smoke, brings you a fragrance, full of your whole room, enjoy your life
  • Application scope: Living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, library, etc. This Zodiac Incense Burner is also a beautiful retro decoration for your home, living room, bedroom, yoga room, tea house, etc.


--The design is top, very good finish what it takes to make a beautiful object of decoration.
--Very pretty incense holder that has arrived in a beautiful box.
--This incense burner is just beautiful.
--Brown incense friendly that will give a zen side to your house.
--This ideal encentoire for cones, and powders (if you added a coal below). And if you have sticks take a plug cut and planted inside, before putting it inside. Be careful if you put a charcoal in the encirclement will be hot, impossible to put the hand on it.
-- decorative and useful. be careful if you use resin. Do not forget to put sand and do not hesitate to touch the censer as there is a risk of burns. On the other hand if you use cones: nothing to fear.


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