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USB Smart Sensor Trash Can motion with high sensitivity


USB Smart Sensor Trash Can

USB Smart Sensor Trash Can

Product Features:


  • Hands-free lid opens with a simple wave of the hand
  • Splash-proof lid and slim design make it perfect for compact and wet area
  • LED digital display with touch button
  • Advanced infrared technology preserves battery life
  • Removable ring liner keeps trash bag securely in place
  • Built-in manual mode keeps the lid open longer for bigger cleanups
  • Leak-proof base prevents spills and makes cleaning easier

USB Smart Sensor Trash Can:
Near field infrared sensing your hand motion with high sensitivity, easily throw out the trash, free your hand.

One-button Control:
All-new use experience, one-button operated the cover, adjusted the sensing distance and turned on/off the power.
6-30cm Adjustable Sensing Distance Range:
Adjusting the suitable distance for trash throwing from 6cm to 30cm

Method: Turn off the USB Smart Sensor Trash Can, press the button(OPEN/CLOSE) for 3 seconds until the red light and blue light flash alternately, and put the other hand on the sensing window for several seconds to choose the suitable height you need, then release the button (OPEN/CLOSE). After the indicator is off, your hand leaving the sensing window, sensing distance finished (Default distance: 25cm).

Silent Open & Close:
Built in intelligent chipset new integrated mute motor for controlling the USB Smart Sensor Trash Can cover  

Long-lasting Battery Life:
Uses two pieces of AA battery to offer long-lasting use life, high efficiency energy-saving.

Durable ABS Material:
Space-saving D-Shaped design with compact size, 11L capacity, sealed structure to keep your room tidy.

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