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Touchless rubbish dustbin easy to use, clean and sanitary;


Touchless rubbish dustbin

Touchless rubbish dustbin


Open the lid of our Touchless rubbish dustbin with a wave of your hand, 0.3s sensitive response: smart sensor opening and closing, it will automatically close after leaving the sensing area for 7 seconds; Sensing distance 30cm: humanized sensing distance, long sensing distance, humanized the experience of smart opening, avoiding touching the barrel with hands Cover, keep away from bacteria; Three modes of induction: Quickly capture every movement of the Touchless rubbish dustbin, bend knees, kicks, and wave hands to open the lid, allowing you to put garbage in the process, No need to touch the Touchless rubbish dustbin, easy to use, clean and sanitary;

Touch the OPEN button to turn on the normally open mode: when you need to use it for a long time, touch the OPEN button on the panel to keep it open and use When finished, touch the panel again to close and close the cover. Increase the capacity of the barrel, and no more frequent dumping of garbage: We have increased the capacity to 14L, saving time for you in busy work and life, Suitable for passenger catties, kitchens, toilets, etc. Heart-sealed design, firmly seals off odors: We have tightly fitted the Touchless rubbish dustbin lid of the barrel to greatly improve the sealing performance, and mosquitoes are not easy to light Gu, the peculiar smell in the barrel is not easy to escape.

Specification: Name: Touchless rubbish dustbin, Material: PP polypropylene + electronic components Color: white, blue, pink Size: about 31*24*17cm/12.2*9.4*6.7 inches Weight: about 1200g Capacity: 14 liters Opening and closing methods: induction, vibration Power supply: Battery: 2 AA batteries (not included in this product) USB charging model: 1200mAh Data line: USB-DC line

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