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Temple Buddha statue add peace to your environment


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Temple Buddha statue
Temple Buddha statue

About this item

Bring restful chi energy into your life

Or as a thoughtful gift for someone else

In these uncertain times, we all need something to anchor us and bring us back to the present. This bold, beautiful Buddha is just the the thing to steer your visitors towards positive conversation. A reminder to count your blessings for the good things you have in life.

  • DO YOU NEED CALM IN YOUR LIFE? This handmade spiritual Temple Buddha statue will add peace to your environment and enhance your Zen Decor. In lotus position and with the hand position known as Samadhi or Yoga mudra, signifying relaxation and meditation
  • BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED DETAILS make this an eye-catching home Decor statement. From the detail in facial features to the carefully positioned hands, this meditating Temple Buddha statue is in perfect proportion. Gold and grey accents with sparkling glass inlays
  • ELEGANT BUT STURDY: Looks heavy, yet this quality piece is light to hold weighing just under 2lb. Made of Copper (Gold plated), with dimensions of 13 inches high x 9 inches wide, the gold Temple Buddha statue will sit perfectly on your mantel or table top
  • ENHANCE your meditation or yoga practice. Copy the sculpture's lotus position and breathe easy.  Indoor Temple Buddha statue ornaments and decorations make great additions to your meditation Decor and encourage spiritual awareness
  • A WELCOME INDOOR ADDITION to your home or office promoting peace and tranquility. Harmonious Zen Temple Buddha statue Decor for restaurants and hotels. Display at eye level for good Fengshui. Place the Buddha opposite the front door to encourage lucky chi energy

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