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Self inflating sleeping pad keep you from the cool ground


Self inflating sleeping pad

Self inflating sleeping pad

About this item

  • Self inflating sleeping pad - As long as the main valve on the mattress is rotated and opened, the air can automatically flow in and inflate. When you are inflating the pillow, pinch the valve, blow with mouth or inflate with pump, then please make sure the cover is completely closed and sealed. When you deflate the pillow, also pinch the valve tightly so that there is a gap in the gasket in valve to let the air out.

    Self inflating sleeping pad
  • Comfortable thickness - The 2 inches sponge thickness of our Self inflating sleeping pad to keep your back away from the cool ground. Whether you are lying in the car, lying on the grass, or sleeping in any position, you won’t feel the ground uneven.
  • Wider and longer choose - Our 173cm x 50cm ( 69.2 x 20 Inches) wide Self inflating sleeping pad have enough area to support your body. You can also combine two or more sleeping pads with snaps to get a wider sleeping pad.
  • Reasonable structural design - The Self inflating sleeping pad with pillow design that allows your head to be in a comfortable position when you are using it. And avoid carrying extra pillows.

    Self inflating sleeping pad
  • Easy to carry - The weight of the Self inflating sleeping pad is around 4.4 pounds. When traveling or camping adventure, you can roll it up and carry it. The small package size and light weight will bring you great convenience, adding a more perfect outdoor experience. The package you received was in a PE bag for shipping. Each is equipped with a drawstring bag for it's original folding options!

    Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow

    Pack compact nighttime comfort and support when you have a ColSelf inflating sleeping pad with Pillow. Just roll it out and open the free-flow valve—the Self inflating sleeping pad will automatically inflate itself. You can count on the durable, weather-resistant polyester shell to hold up night after night and the tufted design to offer even more added comfort. When the fun is done, just open up the valve, push out the air as you roll it up, squeeze out what's left with the compression straps and throw it in the trunk with the rest of your gear.


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