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Self cleaning brush to keep your pet's Coat Shiny and clean


Self cleaning brush

Self cleaning brush

About this item

  • Suitable For All Dog and Cat Hair Types: Self cleaning brush works perfectly for long, medium, short, thick, wiry, or curly hair. Our brush for dogs is also an excellent cat brush for shedding and grooming.
  • Easy To Use Self cleaning brush: Our dog brush for shedding long hair is easy to clean. Once you finish grooming your buddy, press the button and the bristles will pull back into the brush, making it fast and easy for you to remove all the hair.
  • Safe and Effective the Self cleaning brush: The bristles of our slicker brush for dogs are soft and effectively designed to reach deep into the coat without harming your pet's skin. Our dog Self cleaning brush provides a pleasant grooming experience while getting rid of mats, dirt, tangles, and loose hair.
  • Brushing Helps To Keep Your Pet's Coat Shiny And Healthy: Barx Buddy's pet grooming brush will help to maintain a soft, shiny, and healthy coat for your friend. The bristles on our deshedding brush help to distribute your pet's natural oils for a shinier, healthier coat, and stimulates their blood circulation with every brushing.
  • Comfortable Dog Slicker Brush Handle: Barx Buddy's dog and cat Self cleaning brush helps to prevent wrists strains by including a carefully designed comfortable handle that will make brushing your buddy a pleasant experience not only for them, but for you too.

    About Best self cleaning slicker brush

    Self cleaning brush


    The simpler and more effective way to help your best friend maintain a healthy and shiny coat without using messy oils and risky supplements! Are you looking for an easy-to-clean tool to help distribute your pet's natural oils for a shinier and healthier coat while reducing shedding, and keeping them groomed and happy?

    Use Self cleaning brush, an all-in-one tool that can be used on both short-hair and long-hair dogs, and unlike other dog brushes for grooming, it not only suits adult-dogs, but it's also a great puppy brush, and cat hair brush too. The number-one dog shedding brush that helps reduce shedding, is easy to clean and works as an undercoat rake for dogs.

    Using oils and supplements to maintain your dog's healthy coat can sometimes be messy and risky. You could stain your clothes, carpets, and furniture when using the oil, while supplements could potentially have negative side effects on your pet. Avoid the risks and use our Self cleaning brush, it's the safest, easiest, and most effective option!

    Why the Self cleaning brush is a must to include in your dog grooming supplies! 

    • It's lightweight and easy to use.
    • Has an ergonomic handle that provides a pleasant experience not only for your pet but for you too!
    • It's super Easy to Clean thanks to the Push-button self-cleaning feature.
    • No battery or charging needed.
    • Suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes, ages, and types of hair.


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