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Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger it can make your child quiet.


Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger

Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger


1. Push Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger toys are made of food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic and tasteless.

2. Each product is individually packaged in APP bags, which is more secure.

3. Bright colors, some models of products with cute patterns, easier to get children's favorite.

4. When you are under high pressure, you can pinch it or press it, it can make a slight "P-P P-P" sound, which can relieve your stress and make your mood more comfortable.

5. If your child is naughty or has ADHD, it can make your child quiet.

6. It is also a sensory toy that can relieve the special needs of children with autism.

How To Play?

Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger

1. Each player takes turns popping bubbles.

2. Players can only pop1-3 bubbles or any number of bubbles at a time (the rules can be set freely).

3. When you want to pop 2 or more bubbles, you must p-p the connected bubbles.

4. The player who pops the last bubble on the board loses the game round.

5. After the game is over, just flip the board to start the next round of the game, No setup time and no pieces to arrange.

▲Description of rainbow color style: Due to the particularity of the production process, the color style of different batches of products may be different from the picture, please understand.

About this item

  • Unique Design: Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger bubble fidget sensory toys unlike most toys that can only be pressed, each of our toys has a different way of playing, including a cute wristband, a fidget spinner, a jigsawable pop fidget toy and a pineapple shaped fidget toy. Children can not only recognize more colors and shapes, but also can get more fun.
  • Friendly Materials: Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger sensory toy is made of the BPA free silicone material with safety tested, it will not cause any harm to kids and pets. It’ s soft, comfortable, washable, durable, and it can be repeatedly pressed for a long time.
  • Relieves Stress: Our toys help alleviate stress and anxiety in children and adults, at work or life. When the child is bored, he can squeeze the bubble on the wristband anywhere at any time, the interesting fingertip spinning top will keep your child busy, what’s more worth mentioning is that our puzzle bubble can improve Kids’ Logical Thinking. Good for intelligence development!
  • Portable perfect gift: ThisPush Bubble Fidget Hamburger toy is a perfect gift for children. It is convenient to carry when traveling, and your kids can play in cars, airplanes, restaurants, camping, schools and offices anywhere. Can be reused and cleaned.
  • Excellent Service: We committed to offering bubble Push Bubble Fidget Hamburger toys with high quality, every product has passed our quality inspection process. Our product are made of extremely durable BPA free silicone, not polyester like common toys. We provide a refund in full if you are not satisfied.

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