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Portable hydrogen water bottle for daily healthy water


Portable hydrogen water bottle

Portable hydrogen water bottle

  • SPE Technology: The Portable hydrogen water bottler is adopts SPE hydrogen and oxygen separation technology instead of filter rod for more hydrogen
  • USB Charging: The Portable hydrogen water bottle with USB charging design, it can be charged by computer, power adapter, power bank, etc.
  • Sturdy & Durable: The Portable hydrogen water bottle body is made of premium high borosilicate glass, it is heat resistant, corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable. With bottom cushion design, it is anti-skid and not easy to roll over, mute and vibration resistant
  • Suit for Most Type of Drinking Water: The Portable hydrogen water bottle improves water quality and provides you with healthier drinking water, such as Distilled water, Purified Water, Mineral water,Tap water
  • Portable & Safe: Quick and safe way to drink healthy water, it only takes few minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen rich water. Perfect for making hydrogen-rich water at anytime, anywhere with our Portable hydrogen water bottle.

Product Description

Our affordable portable machines were specifically designed to make the highest levels of beneficial diatomic molecular hydrogen concentrate dissolve in water under its own pressure. We understand how to guide you on how to get the most benefit from Hydrogen hydration based on your health, budget and lifestyle because benefits are dose dependent. We know how confused you are with so many cheap ionizers that were designed to only alkalize water and won’t deliver any real measurable Hydrogen health benefits. Our superior technology is backed by Japanese research to combat our daily oxidative stressed-out dehydrated and over caffeinated WiFried lifestyles. Hydrogen keeps cells healthy and energized to control free radical damage that age us rapidly into declining health. Make it and sip it all day right out of the glass bottle where ever you are or share by either pouring into a glass or take turns using it. If you are a Biohacker, C60 user or just want to live long and healthy, -research has proven High Rich Hydrogen water will keep your cell battery (ATP) charged; boost your anti-oxidant glutathione, raise nitric oxide levels to improve circulation and control your inflammation and Reactive Oxygen Species. We are the No. 1 Selling Hydrogen Water maker worldwide because we offer the best price, warranty, support and exceptional customer service. Welcome to the Hydrogen Revolution! YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE THE WAY YOU FEEL!

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