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Pet travel water bottle made of high quality material


Pet travel water bottle

Pet travel water bottle

About this item

  • Safe Water Happy Trip: Love-sporting dog loves to drink water. Dogs who drink wild water are prone to gastrointestinal problems. Drinking too little water, dogs are easy to get kidney stone disease.With this portable pet drinking water bottle, you are no longer afraid there is no safe water for dog to drink
  • Large Capacity of Pet travel water bottle : This 75mm * 208mm portable pet water bottle can hold 19 oz (550ml) water. Small size, easy to carry, large capacity, do not worry about the dog no safe water to drink while out of play
  • Durable & Safe: The portable Pet travel water bottle made of high quality food grade material, make sure your pet completely safe when they use our dog water dispenser bottle
  • Beautiful and Durable: Senior exquisite color and design of the Pet travel water bottle water dispenser can bring your dog enjoyable drinking experience. And the unbroken plastic ABS material is durable, it is more convenient in outdoors
  • One-touch Lock Water: The function of one key is to open and close which is convenient for dogs to drink. Leakproof, and do not waste water in outdoor travel. You can hold the dog in one hand and feed the dog to drink water in another hand.

Pet travel water bottle

1. Easy to use: the Pet travel water bottle can push out as long as pushing gently, not needing to press.
2. Segmented Design: the upper is water cup and the lower is food container.
3. Food-grade ABS: the heat-resistant ABS meets FDA requirements to ensure that pet water bottles are safe and non-toxic, and keep pet dogs or cats healthy and vigorous.
4. Leakage-proof: silicone sealing ring design to ensure that water will not leak into your bag.
5. Portability and Convenience: with reasonable capacity, it is very suitable for walking and traveling with dogs or cats.

Product Description:

Item Type: Pet travel water bottle
Material: PC, ABS
Color: Pink, Green ,Grey ,Blue
Season: All Seasons
Target Audience: Dogs
Dog Size: Small, Medium


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