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Pet Interactive Rope Toy help to improve intelligence


Pet Interactive Rope Toy

Pet Interactive Rope Toy


  • Pet Interactive Rope Toy is designed with a wave chewing rubber. Effectively clean your pet's teeth, reduce plaque and calculus, and keep your mouth healthy.

    Pet Interactive Rope Toy
  • The Pet Interactive Rope Toy is made of high-quality rubber material, has good elasticity, is bite-proof and non-toxic, is non-abrasive, and is safe for your dog's teeth and teeth cleaning.
  • Chewable toys have super-strong suction cups that can be glued to any clean, flat surface, which means your dog can pull, pull, and chew at will, without losing grip.
  • It can be a Pet Interactive Rope Toy or a tooth cleaning toy. Help remove plaque and tartar, reduce bacterial growth, and keep teeth clean and fresh. Promote molars and health.
  • IDEAL DESIGN Our new dog chew toy designed with 360 degree TPR granular cleaner around outside, and a double-layered sharp tooth cleaning mechanism in order to clean dog's teeth efficiently. Designed with the new powerful sucker keeps the chew toy fixed and can interactively train the dog's bite force.
  • STRONG TOOTH Clean your dog's teeth, make your dog healthier. It adopts a two-in-one design of suction cup and bite ball, and the bite ball Varying hardness provides extra satisfaction while dogs chewing.Many dogs suffer from bad breath and periodontitis due to poor oral hygiene, but chew toy can rub off the tartar and make your dog's teeth healthier.
  • REDUCE BAD BEHAVIORS Dear puppy is alone at home, are you still worried? Kill the boring time, relieve the anxiety and stress, to make dogs’ life more fulfilling. Our dog rope toy can effectively help your dog release excess energy and prevent dog from bad behavior caused by long-term boredom. It enhances the dog's enthusiasm, and makes your relationship with the dog closer, improve the pet's intelligence and let its emotions be released.

  • Pet Interactive Rope Toy
  • This Pet Interactive Rope Toy can easily attract your pet's attention, help the pet to improve intelligence, and facilitate the training of dogs.
  • This Pet Interactive Rope Toy allows you to put a lot of snacks/snacks inside. Your dog will love to play it to find delicious food.

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