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Multifunctional Emergency Scissors use for emergency


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Multifunctional Emergency Scissors

Multifunctional Emergency Scissors

About Multifunctional Emergency Scissors

  • This kind of Multifunctional Emergency Scissors could be used as a normal scissor to trim things, making your daily life more convenient and easier.
  • There is designed with scale ruler on the shear that could display the size of things, saving time and strength for you to measure things.
  • This kind of scissor could be used as a trimmer that could deal with metal thin slicer, and could be used as a safety hammer, you can survive from car in emergency, also, you can use it to open bottle.
  • This shear is designed with small size, and it is foldable, you can store and carry it easily when going out, will not occupy so much space.
  • This working shear is made of stainless steel material, you can use it for a long time because it is sturdy and rust-proof

    Multifunctional Emergency Scissors
  • 1. With ordinary cutting function: This product can be used for general cutting.
  • 2. Function of bottle opener: It has the function of bottle opener. This product is suitable for use when opening bottles.
  • 3. Practical: It can cut thin sheet metal. You can quickly cut the car seat belt to escape.
  • 4. Safety hammer function: This product has safety hammer function, it is very convenient.
  • 5. Portability: This product is small in size and light in weight, which is very convenient to carry around.
  • 6. Cuts many types of materials & objects which you would not be able to cut with ordinary scissors
  • 7. Flat blade from the top to the middle shear, featuring smooth cutting not only of cloth but also of paper
  • 8. Micro serrated blade from the middle to the rearmost shear, holding the object without slipping
  • 9. Wire Cutter independently placed near the handles, good for cutting copper and steel wires
  • 10. Safety Box Opener on the outside of the cutting blades, convenient to open carton boxes with ease
  • 11. Finger Pinch Guard for safety - The overlapping guard prevents fingers from being pinched between the handles

    Multifunctional Emergency Scissors

This multifunctional emergency scissors is made of durable material and versatile. It is very suitable for emergency use and can be used to cut metal plates.

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