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Laptop Desk Stand no need to worry about heat dissipation


Laptop Desk Stand

Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand Portable Aluminum

Product Description

Ergonomic design, elevates your laptop to the perfect eye level and prevents you from hunching over your screen, preventing neck/shoulder strain.
Better heat dissipation, open style design allows for greater airflow to keep your laptop cooler.
Reclaim desk space, stay organized by stashing your items such as your keyboard and mouse under the stand when not in use.
Detachable, easy to install.
Wide compatibility, sleek and classy, ​​blends in well with any laptops.

Cooling Fan for Laptop Desk Stand, Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand Portable Aluminum Notebook Holder TV bed PC Lap desk Table Stand With Mouse Pad
laptop desk +mouse plate
Breathable hole, Heat dissipation.


● Double small fan style: Super heat dissipation system, no need to worry about heat dissipation.
USB interface, Double mute fan heat dissipation.
● Single large fan style: Ultra-quiet, large fan cooling, rapid heat dissipation, protect the computer.
USB plug and play USB power supply, cable length 70cm, convenient.
● Can be folded, can stand.
● Send two black anti-skid small baffles. After heightening, the anti-skid height can reach about 2.4 cm, which can effectively prevent the computer from sliding down. The installation position can be moved left and right.
● High-strength rotating joint material Engineering plastic. Internal teeth will not slip. Bearing 40 kg.
● Super heat-absorbing aluminum alloy material with good hardness and light weight.
● The surface of this Laptop Desk Stand is oxidized and does not rust. The joints are made of super-strength plastic with 360-degree rotation adjustment.

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