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Incense Sticks Plates Burners purify the air with a nice fragrance


Incense Sticks Plates Burners
Incense Sticks Plates Burners.

About this item

Incense Sticks Plates Burners

  • Fine materials and production technology, practical and durable.
  • Durable and reusable. Incense ash can be placed in the groove, streamlined design, beautiful and elegant.
  • Light incense, purify the air, refresh your mind, and keep your body and mind happy.
  • Application: Home, Office, Hotel, Tea House, Yoga Room, Meditation, Buddhist Temple, Living Room.
  • Efficacy: fresh air, soothe the nerves, help the gods, decorative ornaments, incense racks.
Main features of Incense Sticks Plates Burners:

Size: Length 14 cm Width x 5 cm Height x 1 cm; Outer diameter 1.2 cm, Inner diameter 0.3 cm of incense burner; Material: Tin alloy Relatively easy to use, hard to drop and hard to break.
An alloy Incense Sticks Plates Burners that allows you to insert stick-type incense sticks or incense into the holes and enjoy the scent while watching the smoke rising slowly.
Groove design and incense insertion are difficult to move. There is only one insertion slot, but you can adjust the height to your liking, and it matches sticks of various thicknesses.
Since the incense stick can be erected diagonally, you can use it cleanly without worrying about ash scattering. The diameter of the ball is about 1.4 cm. The diameter of the hole is about 0.3 cm.
Uses: This Incense Sticks Plates Burners are suitable for indoors, Buddhist temples, yoga, libraries, decorations, collections, tea ceremony classes, etc., and convenient to carry when traveling.

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