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Genuine Leather Sandals for all outdoor activities


Genuine Leather Sandals

Genuine Leather Sandals

  • Abrasion-resistant Rubber Outsole: The shock-absorbing and cushioning EVA midsole can reduce rearfoot fatigue, and the rubber outsole with a special non-slip sole pattern is not only slip-resistant but also provides plenty of grip.
  • Superior Materials: Durable Leather webbing up can dry quickly when the shoes get wet. Lightweight and comfortable breathable uppers with soft textile soles can be in the long hiking road will not be injured.
  • Adjustable Buckle System: The lacing system of the  Genuine Leather Sandals and adjustable buckle on the upper can be used to better achieve the tightness of the shoe. The closed loop elastic cord lace and two adjustable hooks provide a more secure fit.
  • Protective Rubber Toe: Equipped with a high-strength rubber toe, our hiking sandals can effectively protect your feet from rocks, cactus and other sharp objects, thus reducing the risk of injury.
  • Design Sense: Two adjustable buckle design increases the three-dimensional sense of the shoe, the upper has a dark and light processing pattern, adding a little novelty to the overall style.

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