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Fidget popper dinosaur the amazing toy for children


fidget popper dinosaur

fidget popper dinosaur

Push Bubble Fidget Stress Relief Toys

1. Fidget popper dinosaur toys are made of food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic and tasteless.
2. Each product is individually packaged in APP bags, which is more secure.
3. Bright colors, some models of products with cute patterns, easier to get children's favorite.
4. When you are under high pressure, you can pinch it or press it, it can make a slight "bang, bang" sound, which can relieve your stress and make your mood more comfortable.
5. If your child is naughty or has ADHD, it can make your child quiet.
6. It is also a sensory toy that can relieve the special needs of children with autism.

About this item

fidget popper dinosaur

  • Different Dinosaur Shapes: There are 9 different dinosaur shapes bubble fidget popper dinosaur toy packs in the Haetae 9 Pack Dinosaur set. These will be fun interactive toys for children's Dinosaur Theme Education!! Play and learn with Jurassic Park, Dinosaur Model Toy, Dinosaur Book, Science Fair, which is very helpful in early education and stimulates children's creativity.
  • Premium Quality: Silicone and Multi-use Haetae 6PCS Dinosaur Toy Set is made of high-quality food-grade silicone, Had passed FDA, SGS Children's Product Certificate, flexible and sturdy, non-toxic, BPA-free with no smell, really healthy for kids. It can be an intelligent game to play, cup pad, and also a push pop bubble fidget sensory toy set which teaching aids for children to distinguish different forms of dinosaurs.
  • Intelligent Game: Popping together with kids or parents, increase intimacy. Besides fidget popper dinosaur toy is an intelligent game that can exercise children's mathematical thinking and help delay elderly brain degeneration. It is perfect for birthday parties, Christmas, holidays, Impulse gifts, rewards, dinosaur-themed parties. Let's share dinosaur popping game happiness with friends!
  • Easy to Carry and Reused: The portable size is suitable and can be carried, you can play in anywhere such as home, car, airplane, restaurant, camping, school, office, outdoor, etc. Comfortable bubbles:Just press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; Then flip it over and start over!Can be reused and cleaned.
  • Popular Gifts: This fidget popper dinosaur toy is not only suitable for children but also for adults. These are perfect gifts for birthdays or as party favors,such as Father's Day, Children's Day , Christmas, New Year, and birthday gifts. These are also wonderful incentives and prizes for kids.

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