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Door Leg Strap Trainer increase your leg flexibility


Door Leg Strap Trainer

Door Leg Strap Trainer

About this item

  • Full Splits Faster Than Ever. Flexibility Door Leg Strap Trainer will help you increase your leg flexibility, improve balance and motion range, up to a natural body position you ever wanted. You just have to use this Dance Equipment for a couple of weeks.
  • Stretch Best Flex Trainer. Use this Splits Door Leg Strap Trainer very EASY, based on the Stretching Instructions you will receive. This 150gr top quality cotton Door Leg Strap Trainer will slide smoothly through a 7mm metal D-ring, that will be attached by a door anchor with a resistant soft sponge.
  • Flexibility Equipment. This Door Leg Strap Trainer and the Resistance Band are all the Dance Stuff that every dancer, ballerina, gymnast, cheerleader, or any athlete wishes for. BUY RIGHT NOW this Stretching Bands to achieve top flexibility and mobility.
  • Door Leg Strap Trainer. You will anchor the Leg Stretcher Strap over the door, close it and start the Leg Stretch. There will be no damage to the door, thanks to the soft resistant sponge, that will protect it. After you finish, you can use the Carry Bag to deposit the Stretch Strap.
  • Suitable For Every Level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the Split Trainer and Resistance Band are right for you. You should always warm-up before using the Split Door Leg Strap Trainer with the Resistance Band. This Ballet Stretching Equipment is suitable for ladies, men and teens.

Item Description:

Door Leg Strap Trainer

  • Made of cotton polyester fiber, high-strength elastic, soft and smooth material, will not leave red marks and any tightness on your skin, more confident to stretch your body
  • Achieve complete splitting fast, easy-to-use Door Leg Strap Trainer to increase your leg's flexibility, balance and range of movement, naturally stretching the body, visible in a few weeks
  • Secure the door anchor to any sturdy doorpost, close the door, pull the belt through the D-ring, and use it easily, like a portable stretcher, ready to train anytime, anywhere
  • Intimate and protective design, Door Leg Strap Trainer will not scratch or damage your door, will not move or slide, when you stretch your legs, it is safer and more trustworthy
  • There are adjustable rings at both ends of the Door Leg Strap Trainer, you can adjust it through your ankles and hands to better adapt to your body during training

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