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Buddha head Mahogany symbolize calm love and peace


Buddha head Mahogany
Buddha head Mahogany

About this item

  • This praying Buddha head Mahogany design adds a Zen and relaxing look to your indoor space, symbolize calm, love and peace, by a calm, mindful, and peaceful mind, can also bring good luck and auspiciousness, increase wealth, is one of the most happiness Feng Shui symbols.
  • Buddha head Mahogany statue inspires us to develop our inner heart of wisdom, treasure a perfect gift and decoration for home, car, room, office, reception or business gift
  • With these religious Buddha head Mahogany sculptures, you can add an element of inspiration and positive energy to each of your favorite spaces. It is a fantastic good condition piece for collection. Ideal to gift someone or just to treat yourself.
  • It' s not only a decoration for the garden or home, but also a good auxiliary tool to relax your body and mind during yoga and meditation. can decorate home, storefront, tearoom, and yoga club. When cleaning, please use soft tools to avoid scratching the surface of the Buddha head Mahogany and affecting the appearance
  • It the relaxed posture convey calmness and satisfaction with oneself and the whole world. Likely it will be presented to people one wishes luck. This luck Buddha is a beautiful accessory for your garden or living area. Ideal for your balcony, terrace or window ledge.

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