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Skechers golf shoes

 Skechers golf shoes men

Regardless of whether you’re a rookie or PGA player, one thing you can’t do without in golf is a trusty pair of shoes. Not just on a practical level but because most courses require you to wear them.

Thankfully, gone are the days when you had to wear fancy, dress shoes (the type you’d wear to a wedding) adorned with sharp metal spikes. Though you might still see a handful of veterans donning this style of shoe, you’re more likely to see modern trainer-like golf shoes with plastic spikes or no spikes at all when you’re out on the course.

Why? Well, they’re lighter, comfier and less damaging to greens, tee boxes and fairways. But also because most of the top pros wear them, from Michelle Wie to Bryson DeChambeau.

Irrespective of your golfing ability, choosing golf shoes that are comfy, durable and offer a decent level of support, is no easy feat.

Thankfully we’ve put together a brief guide of things to look out for when you’re in the market for a new pair, as well as a list of the best options on the market for all budgets and needs.

What kind of golfer are you?

Skechers golf shoes

Are you a fair-weather golfer? Grab a no-nonsense pair for under £60. Are you a semi-regular who plays once or twice a week? Then you’ll want a pair for over the £75 mark to ensure they’re durable enough to last 100-odd games a year. Are you a scratch golfer striding fairways day in day out? In that case, you’re best off having a few pairs of performance-focused golf shoes in your locker.
The Skechers golf shoes Men has a lightweight synthetic upper. Light enough that you'll be asking to walk another 9 after you birdie hole 18. The GOGA MAX insole delivers enhanced high-rebound cushioning, while the molded rubber grip bottom plate and replaceable Softspikes give you all the traction you need. Skechers H2GO shield provides the waterproof protection you need when the weather heads south.

Spikes or spikeless?

Skechers golf shoes

If you’re mainly playing in dry conditions, spikeless shoes are great because they’re lighter, more flexible and less damaging to the golf course. Skechers golf shoes men becoming more popular on tour and still have nodules to ensure you get that traction you need. However, if you’re playing more regularly in wet weather, spikes are an option as they give you more grip and stop you from slipping over. You can also get hybrid golf shoes that are a blend of the two.

Narrow or wide fit?

A lot of brands now offer narrow or wide fit options to golfers. If your feet are slight, you’ll want to go for the former and if your feet are broader, you’ll prefer a wide fit. It sounds pretty straightforward, but a first-timer might not consider this when trying on golf shoes. It’s always best to check the description online or ask in-store.

Which style do you prefer?

Another thing to consider, and perhaps the least important, is what your golf shoes look like. Some prefer subtle, standard-looking Skechers golf shoes men whereas others will go for something sportier or jazzier. It depends on your personal preference.

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