Laptop stand none slip - Adjustable Laptop stand for better health

Laptop stand none slip

Laptop stand none slip

Help your back and posture by raising your computer screen up to eye level.

whether you're heading back to the office or working permanently from home, having the right Laptop stand none-slip can make life more comfortable. It's probably time to upgrade from a stack of old books, and it's definitely time to stop craning your neck while you work.

The best Laptop stand none slip raise your laptop's screen closer to eye level, which is better for maintaining a healthy posture. Some can even fit into a backpack for easy travel or switch configurations from sitting to standing. We've tested a handful over the past year, and these are our favorites.

Peripherals Are Important

Snagging one of the aluminum Laptop stand none-slip is one of many ways you can improve your posture when sitting at a desk for long periods. Connecting your laptop to a computer monitor is another. You'll be able to multitask more easily, and you won't have to crane your neck as much.

Some of these Laptop stand none slip are best paired with a separate keyboard and mouse. These peripherals mean you can set your laptop farther away and at various heights, and you won't need to stretch your arms in awkward ways to type. The right mouse can even prevent muscle strain or carpal tunnel syndrome, so check out the picks in our Best Keyboards and Best Gaming Mouse guides. (You don't need to be a gamer to use a gaming mouse!)

A Standing Desk Converter

Laptop stand none slip 

If you already have a desk you like but want to incorporate a sit-stand routine into your workday with all your peripherals, you'll need something bigger than our top pick. Monoprice's Desk Converter is cheaper than most standing desks, and it's dead simple to operate. Just use the buttons on each side to raise or lower the stand to your preferred height. It's surprisingly lightweight, and at its lowest setting, it's quite thin.

The only downside—and this is an issue with any converting stand—is that if you plan on raising it up and down every day, you'll lose the desk space underneath the stand that could be used for storage. My desk suddenly started looking messier when I had to find space for things that were usually tucked away.

Are there risks to using laptops?

Laptop stand none slip

Laptops have radically changed the way we work, giving office workers the means to break free from traditional 9-5 workdays and carry out computer tasks from practically anywhere. This is great for remote and homeworking - but it does come with additional risks.

When you place your laptop on a surface, you'll find you're having to look down to see the screen. The weight of your head hanging forward places a huge amount of strain on the spine which, over time, can cause aches pains and even long term injuries. This is so common it even has a name: tech neck.

To avoid tech neck while using your laptop, you'll need to find a way to elevate it to a more comfortable viewing height. Of course you can improvise with stacks of books or boxes, but it might take a bit of fiddling around to find the right height - plus you can't guarantee your homemade solution will be stable, safe, or particularly nice to look at.

A Laptop stand none slip, used with a separate mouse and keyboard, is the best way of creating a portable ergonomic workstation wherever you go.

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