Hydrogen water generator - Use your own sanitizing water

Hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen water generator

These days water is not just water. We are so aware of our health, of what we put into our bodies and even just what we allow ourselves to come into contact with, and the water we drink and use is not exempt from this scrutiny. A water purifier has become commonplace in many homes. We buy specific brands that put water through specific processes. We are even aware of the damage hard water (water with a lot of minerals) can do to your hair and how to fix it..

Q-LIFE Hydrogen water generators  one of the newest types of water has become popular in recent years for its benefit for our health. This type of water is can to do wonders for your health and is highly recommended by many health and wellness practitioners around the world. There are hundreds of medicals studies that also back up the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen for various diseases.

Hydrogen water generator

So what exactly is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is actually just water (H2O) that has been enriched with molecular hydrogen gas (H2). Adding molecular hydrogen to the water in a gas form doesn’t alter the taste of the water but studies have shown that it is one of the best types of antioxidants we can have in our body. Hydrogen water has been said to have many health benefits such as being able to alleviate any inflammatory-related illnesses, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and could help prevent Cancer with continual use of hydrogenated water.

Today if you want to start drinking molecular hydrogen water it is no longer necessary to buy it at your local store. Now it is possible to generate your own hydrogen water in your own home. An example of this equipment is the Hydrogen Water Generators. What makes the Qlife Hydrogen machines quite unique from other devices in the market is it’s self cleaning feature called EDC (Electrolysis Decalcification Cleaning). With a simple press of the button you can clean and sanitize your hydrogen water generator.

In addition to cleaning the Q-LIFE Hydrogen water generators it can also be used to make your own sanitizing water. An exclusive feature on Qlife Hydrogen water generator you can now generate HOCI (Hypochlorous acid) which has been found to be a safe way for killing germs, bacteria, & fighting off viruses.

Hydrogen water generator

How does it make Sanitizing water?

Hydrogen water generator

The Q-LIFE Hydrogen water generator is not only limited to making hydrogenated water but it can also make oxygen rich water. Both of the process to make hydrogenated and oxygenated water takes place through a process called electrolysis – and an electrical current is used to split the water and hydrogen is gathered on the cathode side of the electrolysis system while oxygen is gathered on the anode side during. Since the Hydrogen Water Generator uses electrolysis to generate the hydrogenated water it can just as easily be used to create the oxygenated water. This oxygenated water is used as a sterilizer as oxygen is known to kill off bacteria, viruses and so forth and is often used as a cleaning and disinfectant solution. If you add a NaCl (normal table salt) solution to the mix it will create strong acidic water that will more effectively sterilize and disinfect but it is still safe for humans to drink.

Watch this video on How to Make Sanitizing Water

Strong acidic water

If a NaCl solution is used in the machine and it is put through the oxygenation process, it will create electrolyzed oxidizing water (EOW), also known as strong acidic water. This might sound a bit scary and dangerous as we all know acid is not something to play around with. But in this case, there is no need to worry. When the NaCl solution is put through the electrolysis process it produces HOCl (hypochlorous acid) with a pH less than 2.7. This is considered to be a weak acid and not harmful to people. It is, in fact, naturally produced by our white blood cells as an essential part of our immune systems. As a disinfectant, it is much more effective than bleach.

Uses of strong acidic water

As already indicated electrolyzed oxidizing water is used to sterilize, disinfect and sanitize. It was developed in the 1980’s and used approved for use in the medical field as a method for doctors to wash their hands before surgery as well as a method to sterilize endoscopes. Because the water is safe for human consumption it is also used for sterilization in the food industry to provide safely sterilized food and in the dental industry to sterilize instruments that come into contact with sensitive membranes. Producing this type of water on big, industrial scale can be a bit of a challenge as there are many factors that influence the end product. The flow rate, source water and cleanliness of the electrodes (the previously mentioned cathodes and anodes) can all impact how effective the resulting EOW will be.

On a smaller scale, when you use a device like the Q-Cup, Q-Cup Touch, or H2 Well Q-LIFE Hydrogen water generators  in your home these are things you don’t necessarily have to worry too much about and you will be able to produce EOW water in small quantities and store them in a bottle to spray and clean things. In addition, you can use these generators to also make molecular hydrogen water and take advantage of the health benefits hydrogen water has for your health to boost your immune system.

In the current social climate, with the very real threat of illnesses like COVID-19, this Hydrogen water generator is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. Washing your hands with this solution, spraying or washing your food with it, and even whipping surfaces on which you prepare food or that you touch often will help combat COVID-19 and any other bacteria, virus, or microbial that is lurking around to possibly cause illness.

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